Parent Handbook


The purpose of all "discipline" at Fort Hill Child Development Center, is to help the children become increasingly self-managing and responsible. Only positive, non-punitive methods are used in the pursuit of this goal. Discipline is directed towards improving the child's understanding of (1) social expectations, (2) appropriate ways of behaving in given situations, and (3) causes and effects of the feelings and actions which he/she and others experience.

Further, the Fort Hill Child Development Center staff is committed to helping children be educated for life in a democratic rather than an authoritarian society. Respect for responsibility is a foundation of democracy. Therefore, helping each child become increasingly self-directing, mutually responsible with others, and analytical of his/her sense of right and wrong is an ongoing responsibility of our teaching staff.

Physical punishment of a child is forbidden at Fort Hill Child Development Center. Threats, intimidation, or other mental harassment has no place in our work with children. Instead, we rely on the techniques of diverting attention to constructive pursuits, compromising/arbitrating differences, extending understanding of the reasons for "rules" and expanding the understanding of cause-and-effect to promote self control. We remove the child from the environment in which he/she is distressed and assist him/her to regain his/her self control (time out). We depend on the partnership between parents and teachers to make the advancement of the child's autonomy and integrity a real and functioning accomplishment.

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