Parent Handbook

Child Development Program Goals

We strive to promote the individual child's physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth and well-being.

We provide both active and passive learning experiences which promote the development of skills, social competence, self-esteem and positive self-identity.


  1. Provide a variety of games, toys, books, crafts, and other material sufficient to allow a child to make choices for him/her self.
  2. Privide a written schedule of daily activities, with a reasonable routine for meals, snacks, sleep, nap-time, indoor and outdoor play.
  3. Provide a designated area where the child can sit quietly or lie down to rest. There shall be a nap period of at least an hour for children who need it. For the children unable to sleep, time and space for rest and quiet play shall be available. Sleep and rest periods shall be under adult supervision at all times.
  4. Provide the children with freedom to go to the toilet and to get a drink of water as they feel the need.
  5. Provide activities indoors and outdoors which will allow the children to make use of both large and small muscles.
  6. Provide experiences and equipment appropriate to the age and stage of development of the individual child.
  7. Privide an hour of outdoor play daily, weather permitting, in all seasons of the year.
  8. Provide a balance of quiet and active, group and individual activities with sufficient flexibility to respond to the needs of the individual children.
  9. Provide for individual self-expression in conversation, imaginative play and creativity.
  10. Provide for running, climbing and other vigorous physical activities.
  11. Provide learning experiences regarding the value of food in relation to growth and development.
  12. Provide opportunities for the child to participate in such activities as preparing for meals, taking out and putting away materials and caring for his own clothing and bedding.
  13. Provide respect for each child as an individual, allowing for choice of activities and interests.
  14. Provide a variety of social experiences. Grouping arrangement shall take into account the child's level of maturity. Mixed-age experiences shall also be provided.
  15. Provide for the cultural diversity of the children by incorporating their language, food, celebrations, and life styles in the program.
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