Parent Handbook

Parents' Responsibilities

  1. Parents are asked NOT to send toys to the center with the child as the school cannot be responsible for misuse or damage to the toys. A toy gun is NEVER permitted on the premises.
  2. Please send all messages to the center in writing. This is the most responsible way of communication between parents and the director.
  3. Parents are encouraged to have a conference at any time convenient with both the staff and the parent (about the child) so that they might both be better able to understand the child and his/her problems. Conferences may be set up by contacting the director. Regular conferences are held twice a year.
  4. Parents are encouraged to make suggestions to the director which might help the center serve the individual needs of the child.
  5. Parents must bring the child inside the center to a staff member and call for him/her each day within the specified hours of operation. Whoever brings the child must sign in/out each day.
  6. Parents must notify the director if, for any reason, a person other than those authorized will be picking up the child.
  7. Parents are requested to attend two staff/parent meetings held each year.
  8. If your child will be absent, please phone the office before 10:00 a.m. so that the staff may plan accordingly.
  9. Parents are encouraged to donate items such as toys, learning aids and surplus household goods to be used for various activities in the classroom.
  10. Parents are requested to bring an extra change of clothing, plainly marked, to leave in the child's locker.
  11. Parents of infants, toddlers or children in diapers, are requested to bring: change of clothes, formula, bottles, baby food, diapers, wipes, and ointment (if used).
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